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Cassino and the bordering region are rooted in background, an old history and that has left a great deal of marks on these hills and also these so stunning landscapes winning via

The large background has actually passed below with Hannibal in the Second Punic Battle. Later on this area has actually influenced the society of Italy with the Placiti Cassinesi as well as of the globe with S. Benedict as well as the Benedictine policy. A tale that has actually become as well hard during the Second Globe War, bringing the complete devastation of the city and also of the Abbey of Monte Cassino, that currently with its museum is amongst one of the most gone to monuments in Italy.

Today Cassino combines this background with the dynamism and also freshness of a town overrun with trainees attending the College of Cassino. Here you can discover both a Roman theater, but additionally a summer testimonial called CassinoArte. Below we are just a couple of kilometers from the sea, mountains and lakes. However today we discuss an one-of-a-kind area, which have not equal in Italy, or the Historiale of Cassino.

Result of contamination in between the language of cinema, gallery event, aesthetic arts, and brand-new models of edutainment, this website utilizes the best visualization strategies as well as modern technologies for the circulation of social content. The Historiale is not a museum, not a program, not a film. With the traditional idea of museum shares the concentration of experience in a physical area. With contemporary exhibition has in common a breathtaking and also academic thought. From the movie theater takes some metaphorical languages and also the capability to tell through the feelings.

We could claim that the Historiale is a new frontier of the museum exhibition, where the testing and values are moving the experience towards a more contemporary as well as contemporary sensibilities.

The Historiale tells, do not shows, tips, catalogs or exhibitions. During the check out, the feeling is of relocating into a tale that is not made up just by history but additionally by memory, the lives of those that through the events have actually travelled through and also experienced.

The tale is that of Cassino and the 36 towns of the martyr, which were the scene of among the most terrible, hard as well as controversial fights of the 2nd World War.

Collected around the Gustav Line, overwhelmed by the breakthrough of the Allies and the German resistance, these villages brought out prices of damage often above 90%. The survivors lost all point of reference, from water fountains to the squares, to your homes. Most of them were required to emigrate. Others, brave, start the repair and also took up the obstacle of the chase of modern times. The Historiale tells their tale.

The story is built in the space of the previous community abattoir of Cassino, 800 square meters loaded with modern technology and also ideas where the visitor relocates physically, however additionally takes a psychological journey. The narrative languages are designed to be immersive, multisensory, making use of music, images, lights as well as unique technologies such as optical theater and also chatting heads.

This job, intended by the international business Officina Rambaldi, was promoted by the Battle of Monte Cassino Event CommitteeArticle Browse, with the assistance of the Ministry of Heritage and Culture and thanks to the centers offered by the neighborhood administration of the city of Cassino.